This unique and impactful day creates an opportunity to energise the key players in your company. Like Olympians, to compete successfully, businesses should be continually striving for that extra edge to their performance. All the skills and knowledge development in the world will not generate maximum return if the behavioural aspects of performance are absent. Developing a winning mentality and a 'can do' attitude will undoubtedly help push individual, team and company performance forward.

This workshop is designed for those individuals who are performing well and with further support can achieve more. It is also ideal for those highlighted by the business as the talent of the future who require fresh input to their development plan. By looking in depth at our 5 Olympic Performance Traits and supporting the learning of these through interaction with two of Great Britain’s outstanding athletes and a highly skilled business facilitator, delegates will be inspired to raise their game. Individuals will feel valued by the business through being selected to attend this prestigious event that is co-delivered by Olympians and will leave with the motivation to achieve their highest level of performance.

This workshop is designed to be run at any venue of your choosing - Download the 'Olympic Experience' info sheet

After attending this workshop, individuals will:

  • Learn techniques that will help to develop their performance.
  • Develop a deeper understanding of the importance of the 5 Olympic Performance Traits.
  • Recognise the importance of behavioural aspects of performance to support their skills and knowledge.
  • Be inspired by spending time with our Olympic athletes Understand how the traits impact them personally and can be applied to both work and their private lives.
  • Have a clearer understanding of what is important to them as individuals and develop a coaching plan to make this happen.

This interactive and practical workshop includes:

  • Sessions structured around our 5 Olympic Performance Traits Messages tailored to reflect your organisations requirements and aligned with our traits.
  • Sessions where our Olympians support and co-deliver with an highly skilled business facilitator.
  • Interactive input from the Olympians in a unique format.
  • Working in small groups to develop capability and build a network of like-minded individuals
  • Time to rub shoulders and interact with our Olympians and be motivated by their inspiring stories.

The Olympic Park Experience

An Olympic Experience in the Olympic Park

Additionally we offer the workshop run in the Hospitality Suite at the Podium, beneath the ArcelorMittal Orbit Tower in the middle of the Olympic Park.

Download the 'Olympic Park Experience' info sheet